FYI Opening

FYI Opening Intro

(Tuesday Oct 27 meeting)

Colours: red, blue, black
Intro length:
Shooting Opening: Tuesday Nov 3 (12- 2pm)
Opening graphic (Joe and Rich are going to COMPLETE for Monday- FYI )

  • LARA responsible FYI stickers -
  • Phil Delivery Guy costume-
  • Shannon Make-up-
  • Rich/ Shannon/ Cristina: IKEA SHOPPING TRIP WED OCT 28.

In studio: Who must be in Studio Tuesday at 12
Graeme, Phil, Sheerena
Rich Director (FYI on director chair)
LISA/ SHEREENA (Sitting beside rich the director)
Jennifer camera (FYI on telepromter)
Lara floor director (FYI on clipboard)
Shannon/ Krista (Make-up – FYI on hand mirror )
Joe Audio (FYI on Audio board)
Daniel Lighting (FYI on back of shirt)

Music playing (Rich record it for a little bit longer without the intro)

• Opening shot Graeme receiving package from Phil (HD Cam/ light for intro – Jennifer)
• Camera follows Graeme walking with package – camera stops at rich’s chair that says FYI
• Rich gets up and camera follows him to audio studio
• In audio room camera film Joe raising volume with FYI on the board.
• Joe gets up and checks the time and walks over to Make-up room and tells Host 5 mins to air.
• Krista is getting make up done by Shannon. Shannon picks up mirror and on the back of the mirror is FYI. (Camera sees the FYI on the larger mirror)
• Krista gets up and walks downstairs to set- camera shoot her feet walking downstairs.
• Krista passes Lara on the way to host chairs - camera stops on Lara
• Lara is floor directing and you see FYI on Lara’s clipboard
• Lara points to Jennifer on camera –
• Wide shot of Jennifer and the camera – pans to plasma at the same time Jennifer pans her camera
• Plasma – hold shot (In final cut put FYI logo on the plasma then explode the graphics)

After opening sot – go right into show teaser
Then open on hosts – Graeme on blackberry hook into Joe’s segment.

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