Final Show Outlines



FOCUS: FUTURE OF TELEVISION-3D TVs/Online TV taking television home entertainment to a whole new level


*This segment will focus on the future of television is going. With the success 3D movies like Avatar and Disney movie “UP”, is this the new trend? Imagine 3D tv right in your own living room? You don’t have to imagine it because Samsung has launched in Canada 3D glasses/TV’s and is now out at stores. Now, 3D can be enjoyed by everyone.

*Samsung has launched their line of 3D glasses and has taken television entertainment to a whole new level. The launch of the 3D glasses cost approx about $350 depending on the model and works well only with certain plasma screens like the Samsung LCD, LED and 3D. The 3D TV cost about $2500-$400 per unit depending on the size.

*The new picture 3D glasses are proven to have excellent quality detail.How it’s engineered causes you to see more of 3D lifelike images while wearing them.

  • Other TV manufacturers like Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba are also planning to unveil their 3D TV’s this summer.These TV’s can also allow 2D television programming and can be compatible with 3D gaming like playstations and 3D sportsbroadcasts.

*ESPN announced it will launch a 3D channel this summer in time for FIFA in South Africa

*An independent technology analyst says that it’s understandable why moviegoers are eager to get this 3D experience right in their homes because the industry has “neverending quest to make the experience as breathtaking and real as possible”

*Buyers of 3D glasses need to be aware of the models it is compatible with. The Samsung glasses match with Samsung LCDs and Smasung Bluray disc players only. These glasses are considered “active shutter” compared to the “passive” ones people wear in the theatre. These are battery operated and mechanically darkens one eye ot synchronize with the screen

*Panasonic sold out of their 3D TV’s in the US one week after they launched at bestbuy. VP of Bestbuy says that people are excited about 3D TVs because they already know what to expect and how it’s gonna look

*To excite customers, Bestbuy is giving away the 3D glasses ($400 value) and a copy of Monsters and Aliens the movie in BluRay with the purchase of the 3D TV

*With the existence of the internet in the 90’s, it has opened so many doors for other ways to get news and information. Internet television or online television is becoming more and more popular. It is a television service distributed via the internet and programs are streamed online. Viewers can access a number of programs online from the television network’s archives. People do not have to be home anymore for the 6’ o clock news to get their news. Viewers can easily access this online or catch up on their shows by going to the network’s websites.

*Getting in-depth look at what Internet television is all about—how do they make a profit? It is at no cost to users and people don’t have to pay for cable or satellite services anymore if they don’t want to.

*BBC’s IPlayers is a way for viewers to access internet television in the UK through Adobe Flash Player and brings in viewers which streams millions of their popular videos each week. February 2010 was record breaking for BBC’s IPlayer with a significant rise of 81% of viewership from 2009. The month of February alone drew close to over a million viewers per day. The Iplayer also reached over 100 million program requests last month, it is only in it’s 3rd year and viewers can access their favorite shows available on over 20 devices.

*It’s also good to look at the downside of internet television it such as parental control, how to control who can view certain programmes and if it warns users of it’s content prior to viewing. Viewers have to spend time registering on most sites and the amount of time users spend to download their favorite shows. Plus you have to have a big enough hard drive space to accommodate these shows. If you have a ton of shows on your computer, it can affect it’s performance and slows it down.

*Give some examples of “on demand internet television sites” that are doing well in Canada like Global TV, CTV, CBC and Food Network.

*Online TV is not to be confused with Web TV—-Web TV includes, bliptv, YouTube, and myspace. It is a part of digital entertainment but not part of broadcast television

*Looking into the benefits of online tv: for example: geographics do not matter, people can access shows all over the world no matter where they are. Not much needed just a computer and internet access and majority of the people in the world has this. People save hundreds of dollars from not paying satellite or cable providers. Instead of having both internet and satellite to pay for, people can just have internet and serve both purpose. It also does not limit you from watching many types of shows. If you have a cable provider, you can only access certain channels and the more channels you subscribe to, the more you pay, online television can give you access on all the programs around the world. You can also watch in privacy if you want and can set security passwords on the shows that you want that only you can access.

*Where is television going and it’s future? immediate surprise of City letting go of a lot of people. Are there less viewership on television? Are people heading more online to get their shows? Is this becoming the new trend?

  • Statistics of young viewers say that 10% spend more time online than in front of the television. With people’s busy lives, it’s much easier to cathch a show or watch the news from their laptop when they’re not at home. It also saves time from having to worry about recording and missing a show.
  • 20% of watching in the US is online instead of television. Europe is much farther than the US when it comes to how many people watch online TV.

*According to a new report according to the Vancouver sun, internet usage is takingover in Canada and lesser and lesser people are not watching television anymore. Ipsos Reid survey says that 18% go online compared to 16% that watch television

  • Age can also be a factor, study shows that people over 55 prefer to watch television thn go online and younger people prefer to go online than tune in the box.


CHRISTOPHER DICK-Sheridan Online Class instructor to talk about the future of telelvision and give comments of online television. Why do people go online now instead of the box? What is the impact of the internet and technology in broadcast television?

POTENTIAL 3D CUSTOMERS AT BESTBUY-would they buy the glasses? How’s the price? Would they want 3D in their living rooms?

Find a student to follow and talk about how much time do they spend on online tv? Is it more convenient? Easier? Does this person prefer it more? Get broll of this subject watching tv online

BESTBUY STORE REP- to talk about the 3D TV and the glasses-talk about Samsung brand. Is it high in demand? Would people want to buy this? How does it work? Does it only work with certain types/models of plasma screen?


VO: Talk about focus: Future of Television. Is 3D the new trend in television? Taking television entertainment to a whole new level?

Get people to try on the 3D glasses at best buy and get their reaction–Graeme assisting customers, asking them are you excited? Will you buy it? How cool is it?

VO: Give backgrounder with the success of 3D—with blockbuster 3D movies such as Monsters and Aliens and Avatar,—there is no wonder why people are so excited about bringing 3d right in their own home.
Central character: talk about why he/she prefers more online than tv-convenience? Cost? Easy access to programs all over the world?

CLIP BESTBUY- to talk about 3D launch, high in demand? Why are people going crazy over this? How does it work etc..

BRIDGE: Graeme about to wear 3D glasses, buyers beware, before you purchase the glasses make sure it’s compatible with your system—put on glasses and comment while sitting and enjoying–“this is so cool”—(something like that!)

CLIP: BESTBUY–talks about what models you can use with the glasses

VO: Christopher Dick is an online instructor and believes that the future of television is online-

CLIP: Christopher Dick-talk about why it’s evolving to online TV, impact of technology and internet in broadcast

VO: With major networks like CBC, Global and CTV going online, is this the new wave and why do most people prefer this than watching the traditional box? Would the new 3D trend bring back box users? Imagine watching your favorite broadcast in 3D? How about getting up close and make Peter Mansbridge more lifelike?

TV User- will it be more exciting for you to watch in 3D?

VO:Whether it’s online or 3D TV, television will never be the same again. What’s to come? Stay tune!–For FYI–I’m Graeme Campbell





Circus Orange Stunt School

It is a school specially designed for teaching individuals how to perform intricate stunts for movies. They also have explosives, and stunts with guns.

It will be shot in Toronto but as per Rich’s request we would like to get on the stunt specialists to perform something for us in the studio or outside.

With a string of action and 3D movies such as AVATAR and Alice in Wonderland CGI and stunts are being used a lot. What does this mean for the industry? Will stunt doubles no longer be used because of the increased use of CGI (computer generated imagery) or are stunt studios going to be used more then ever? What does the future hold for the world of special effects?

Shooting will take place on Monday the 29th. And if we are able to get someone in studio the other part will then take place on the 9th of April.

Segment Producer – Natashalee Reid
Reporter – Nareeman Khadem
Camera/Editor – Phil Gervais
FOCUS – an in depth look into the world of real life CSI investigators to dispel the falsehoods the TV show propagates and the negative consequences because of it (“CSI effect”) as well as where the future of crime fighting will take us.

Things to touch upon:
The CSI effect
The fake things/tools than show what’s real
Future of crime fighting


Detective Constable Sally Takacs – She is a crime scene investigator. I’ve already spoken to her and she has given the green light for an interview. Also hoping to be able to go on investigations with her to see how it’s really done and get explanations of the tools in her kit.

Detective Sgt. Dave Broughton – Sally’s boss. I could speak to him about the CSI effect as well as the future of crime fighting techniques/tools.

Criminal Prosecutor -* I’ve left this element out in the outline. Would it work better to have a lawyer speak about the CSI effect rather than Sgt. Broughton?????*

SOUND-UP – snap shots of big camera used for investigation… viz of Sally different angles of her taking pictures – flashing transitions between each

V/O – A crime has just occurred and a special team of investigators has been called to the scene to collect the evidence.

ST CLIP – “I’m the person that goes through all the nitty gritty details to see who dunnit”

V/O – These are the real life CSI investigators. Sally has been on the force ___ years now and her job isn’t quite like what TV shows like CSI portray.”

ST CLIP – “There are a lot of differences. I mean that’s television and for entertainment. If people knew how it really was, a lot of them wouldn’t want to be in this business.”

V/O – But so what if there are a few things that aren’t real in the show? After all, it is just entertainment. What could be the harm in that?

DB CLIP – “People watch these TV shows and take it for real life and unfortunately, those same people could be used as jurors one day that could severely affect the life of a person on trial because of their altered perception of reality.”

V/O – Det. Sgt. Dave Broughton has been on the force years and he believes that shows like CSI distort how evidence is collected and presented in real courts.

DB CLIP – “I think the ‘CSI effect’ is a huge factor in some cases for not only people deliberating the court case, but also for prosecutors feeling pressured to present more evidence than they actually have.” (WIKIPEDIA)

V/O (OR STANDUP) –The CSI effect is a syndrome where the expectations of victims, jurors and even criminals are raised because of watching crime scene investigation dramas. I was allowed exclusive access to follow Detective Takacs on an investigation to see what it’s like in real life and get a chance to distinguish between fact and fiction.

SOUND UP – Pager going off…

V/O – “There’s a (insert crime here) so we got into the truck and off we went”.

CLIP – “So the first thing we do when we get to a scene is _.”
And to do that we have special equipment we use called the _
_. It does (THIS AND THAT) etc.


V/O – But what about the _ or the ___ and the _ they use in CSI?

CLIP – Fake. Those things don’t exist.

V/O – The investigation is wrapped up and the evidence is transported back to the lab where it’s analyzed. During the ride back to the station, I couldn’t help but wonder: criminals could learn from shows like CSI. So what are the real life investigators going to do to stay one step ahead of future criminals?

DB CLIP – There’s actually a few tools that are being developed in our R&D lab right now that will help us win the fight in crime. One of which is the __ (INSERT VIZ OR PICTURE)…blah blah etc.

V/O – “EXTRO”…. “I’m Nareeman Khadem, reporting for FYI”.

Top Demo: The Club Scene - Entrepreneurs
Cece Crawford - Jennifer Foden
For: FYI Producers Shannon and Rich
Due Date: March 25, 2010

Entrepreneurship is on the rise and promoting clubs is the new Trump industry for many small-business owners. Students who are inspired to start their own business can start with Noize Media. Thereby becoming future entrepreneurs.
Focus Idea:
Many future entrepreneurs - promote club companies that caters to a young crowd! Whether it’s a Birthday party to a Bachelor party - you can find a team who is dedicated to making your night fabulous! We want to focus on how these young promoters manage obstacles such as finances, promoting and school life.

Expert Contact:
Iris Crawford- Accountant
Expert Questions:
-Do you think that these small businesses/entrepreneurs are they KEY to maintaining our economy?
-Do you believe that small franchises are getting bigger and without much failure?
-What is financing?
-Is promoting as effective as the internet?

Fida ‘Feta’ Matrook
Firas Swaida
BBM: 21144036
Suggested B Roll:
-shots of the name of these clubs
-the promoters handing out their business cards
-people dancing
-people waiting in line
-characteristics of business owners

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