Jan 12th 2010- Meeting re-cap

Hi guys,
So this is what I have gathered from our Jan 12th meeting, in regards to where everyone is so far.
If there are any changes or new details to your segments please let me know.
And just a reminder your outlines are due on friday jan 15th.


1.Top issue- Branding
Lisa-seg producer
Shannon- reporter
Joe- Camera/Editor

Psychology behind branding
Tell me something I don’t know? Why and which aspect of branding…
“U of T blue book” for experts
NEED TO BE DONE: Research/Outline, Shooting, Contact ‘Expert’

2. Top Trend- Changing the face of urban culture.
Rich- Segment Producer
Nareeman- Reporter
Phil- Camera/Editing
Sustainable living in cities.
Have interview on Friday - Sky Farm
NEED TO BE DONE: Re focus some of the details before Friday

3. Top Talk- breaking into the music industry
Lara- chase producer
Need to do a pre interview
- song
Shoot the BIO pack
Names: Pierre Ricky Rude Richards
Nicholas ‘Neo’ Tempus
NEED TO BE DONE: BIO pack, rehearse, get backtrack/audio for performance, pre interview

4. Top Demo- Auto tune
Daniel-Segment Producer
Auto-tune overused in music
Calling “spinz” the producer to see if he will allow them to interview and demo AUTO TUNE
-NEED TO BE DONE: Going into a studio and getting Natashalee as the reporter to get auto tune being used on her voice.
- Research today, contacting subject (expected this weekend at the latest)

5.Over the top –
Cristina- segment producer
Contest queen- addicted to winning stuff and entering concern.
Has Shot everything
NEED TO BE DONE: Interview someone from sweepstakes.com
Still have to make a shot list

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