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Opening Clip: DJ Craig Brooklyn scratching vinyl records
V/O (voiced by Graeme Campbell): Scratching is an art form in the hip-hop culture that was created in the early ‘80s during the early days of hip-hop.
B-roll: Footage of the turntables at the scratch lab institute will be shown.

V/O (voiced by Graeme Campbell): It’s also known as one of the four elements of hip-hop, which also include emceeing, b-boying, and graffiti tagging.
B-roll: Footage of emceeing, b-boying, and graffiti art will be shown.

V/O (voiced by Graeme Campbell): Since its early days, the popularity of the art-form has grown so much, to the point that there are institutes that actually teach people how to scratch, most notably a school in the northern region of Toronto known as the Scratch Lab, which ironically, was founded by DJ Start-From-Scratch.
B-roll: Footage of the institute, the logo of the institute and pictures of DJ Start-From-Scratch will be shown.

V/O (voiced by Graeme Campbell): We were fortunate to catch up with one of its instructors, DJ Craig Brooklyn, and with his help we were able to “scratch the surface” on the art itself.

Interview: Opening Clip (Graeme: Reporter)
– “So when was this first created?” – 12:34:29-12:37:17
CLIP: DJ Craig Brooklyn – 12:37:18-12:54:27
“Scratching is dated back…Grand Master Theodore, who was the founder of scratching.”

CLIP: (Graeme – Reporter) – 12:55:06-13:00:04
“What are the some of the most popular techniques in scratching?”
CLIP: DJ Craig Brooklyn – 13:00:05-13:27:07
“Today there’s a wide variety…they’re really common and known amongst the listeners.”

CLIP: (Graeme – Reporter) – 13:52:11-13:55:13
“The main purpose of scratching, can you elaborate on that?”
CLIP: DJ Craig – 13:55:13-14:27:23
“It’s kind of like adding season to your food…

CLIP: (Graeme-Reporter) – 14:30:24-14:34:10
“Can you over season something if you get too crazy with it?”
CLIP: DJ Craig – 14:34:11-14:46:02
“Yeah, there’s some DJ’s that go nuts with it…they just love scratching.”
CLIP: DJ Craig – 14:59:05 – 15:06:19
“Even myself I used to like scratching…exactly when to execute it.”

CLIP: (Graeme) – 15:39:00 – 15:42:19
“What tools mainly does scratching consist of?”
CLIP: DJ Craig – 15:47:22 – 16:12:06
“Equipment as long as you have…how it sounds.”
(DJ Craig showing the mixing board) 26:17:22- 27:52:19 (*just cut and butt-joint)

CLIP: (Graeme) – 20:22:13 – 20:31:00
“What would you say to people that DJ’ing isn’t necessarily an art form compared to musical instruments, what would say to them?”
CLIP: DJ Craig – 20:36:11-
“I say come to scratch lab…hardship and dedication to it.”

CLIP: Graeme – 22:33:26 – 22:41:29
“Enough talking…let’s do it.”

CLIP: Graeme and DJ Craig – 22:44:15 – 25:38:16
“Go through some of those techniques…I’m still kind of rusty (*cut and butt-joint demo).

CLIP: Graeme – 29:02:12 – 29:09:10
“Here’s your FYI exclusive, DJ Craig Brooklyn going to work, let’s see it!”
Demo of DJ Craig Brooklyn scratching (cut off and butt-joints) 29:11:21 – 35:32:13)

V/O: Graeme – watching him rip through the vinyl made me want to give it at shot!
CLIP: Graeme – DJ demo (cut out small portions of the demo – 37:49:21-39:02:21)
(add a transition between demo to extro)

Extro – 40:24:28-40:38:24

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