Printing To Tape

To Print onto Tape

Mark in and out points of video

Plug into tape deck

Turn on tape deck

Check in Log and Capture to see if it’s working (Apple 8, quick link)

File-Print to Video

Format tape properly
- Check the word slate type in text (puts words in the beginning of tape) “Show number Segment and name of piece”
- Check color bars make it 10 seconds
- Tone Level “-20db”
- Media “print In to out” (reason for marking in and out previously)
- Unselect automatically start recording
- Always let the tape run for 5 seconds so that you don’t record at the beginning or the tape. “Crash record (play and record at the same time) wait 5 seconds then hit “ok” on final cut.
- After you are finished check to see if it recorded properly. “Stop, Rewind, Play”
- Cue tape to the first frame of the video.
- Save as QuickTime movie “setting MOV”
- Movie Settings: Compression type should be DV/DVCPRO – NTSC change quality to best
- Aspect Ratio should be 16:9/Scan Mode Interlaced
- Always Save project

For Slugs and Stings
- When connecting to server smb://d102 username: student password: student.
- Go into DDR folder Broadcast Journalism (Section 1(A))

- USB mics plug into comp, using final cut pro
- Mark in and out
- Tools- Voiceover- Switch source to Samson C01U make sure its -20db (change using gain)

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