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FYI – Reaching for the Top

Throw to segment: Who knew fashion could be good for your health? Well these young budding doctors did. Students at McMaster are not only learning how to cure illnesses – they are putting together a trendy event so you can help too. Our very own Shannon Smith has the story.

OPEN – (sound up + VIS of models walking down the runway)

V/O: This looks like a fashion show, but at Mcmaster University, it’s a lot more than that.
Fashion week is right around the corner – but it’s not all about high –heeled fashion. In fact this student fashion show is making a huge difference to their community by raising funds for kids with cancer to go to camp.
CLIP: 01:00:34;05 Dalia Edwards (tease to clip later in segment) “I really get emotional when I talk about Camp Trillium because it has affected me so much”.

V/O: Camp Trillium is a camp where kids with cancer can enjoy recreational activities to take their minds of their treatments. (VIS of girls on a boat at Camp Trillium)

CLIP: Tease George and Gabriel interviews. “Help out with the community…just give back”

V/O: More children than ever before are surviving childhood cancer. But with the diagnosis and treatment it has major implications on the whole family. That’s where Camp Trillium comes in.

CLIP: 01:01:05;21 George Farjou (co-chair) “It’s like being a kid again yourself, the kids have been through so much, and it’s so nice for them to have a normal life and to be with their friends and families. Camp Trillium operates, well it started out in London.

V/O: George Farjou along with his co-chairs are training to be doctors, which makes the cause of this event important to them.

CLIP: 01:01:26;09 Jessie (co-chair) “Lots of people have volunteered there before, and we heard what a great organization it was so through connections and stuff we ended up supporting camp trillium these past few years” George “Last year we raised just over 5100 dollars which sent 6 – 7 kids to camp and this year hope to raise 7500 dollars.”

CLIP: Mark Lee (Designer) “ I think it’s a very worthy cause.”

V/O: Mark Lee, a designer and McMaster student has put in many hours of his time with the fashion show as his way to help Camp Trillium.

CLIP: 01:01:50;25 Mark Lee (Designer) “You know, kids with cancer , there should be a place for them that other children are privileged to have.”

V/O: One person who knows exactly opportunities lie at camp trillium is Dalia Edwards, a fellow camper and staffer.

CLIP: 01:02:07;13 Dalia Edwards: “Camp Trillium was the first of it’s kind to cater to the entire family. When someone has cancer in a family, the whole family has cancer. So that’s the unique thing about camp trillium is that it caters to the entire family as a whole and it provides recreational experiences for the entire family so they can get through the treatment and get through all the struggles that comes with cancer.”

Vis of kids at camp/ staff V/O: It’s not just the kids that benefit from the camp. The volunteers and staff are also rewarded.

CLIP: 01:02:35;17 Trisha – Staff at Camp Trillium“I honestly think that the best thing about camp is that it is just as much of a learning experience for the staff members as it is the kids. Everyday I take something from them – they teach me how to live my life a little better.” (Butt joined with next clip)

01:02:48;08 Caleigh – Staff at Camp Trillium “Pretty much its just people that come to camp trillium, its not because they can afford it but its because they’ve been through something so they can all share that experience, which is really great. So it’s a nice environment for the kids and families to reconnect, and we get to be a part of that which is pretty sweet.”

SOUND UP: I am strong, I am proud, I am me. (video)

V/O: This year the fashion show was a great success surpassing their target — raising over 7000 dollars and helping 7 children and their families go to camp this summer.
VIS of raffle tickets and money

(out cue) I’m Shannon Smith, in Hamilton.
Pad of fashion show w/ music
Ends: 01:03:14;29
9 seconds of PAD

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