rough script for feb 12

Cold Opening-

Dan with clip board doing something…calculator in hand focusing really hard,

Zoja- Dan.. what r u doing? I’ve never really seen you this worried.
Dan- Well… I’m worried right now, cuz my future is uncertain, calculating all my expenses—- things I already owe, what im gonna owe.. and Where I’m gonna get a job- their Sharks out there and they’ll get you.
Zoja- I’m pretty sure that if we don’t start the show were gonna have our own recession. So c’mon lets go…


Z- Comin up on the show today, we take an in depth look at some of the issues that graduates have been dealing with while on their search for a job.
D- And… no need to get bent outta shape- because we’ll show you how yoga can be a key part in changing your lifestyle. Who you gonna call…FYI- we sent out our team
of Ghost busters to Burley Falls to hunt some ghosts.

Z- So dan, have you gotten your internship yet?
D- yeah but I’m really looking forward to getting people coffee all day-
Z- we all gotta start somewhere dan… how bout you go get me a coffee?—more lines
D- Or how bout we get to the top issue – lets take a look at what some of the recent grads have had to deal with in their Job Search, with some cream and sugar on the side.

Coming out of Top Issue-
d- oh wow!!! Zoja can you tell me something… Does FYI have a pension plan?
z- I sure hope so…cuz its not lookin good for us.

Intro To Top TREND-

Z- Ugh… dan what r u doing?
D- Trying to reach my inner zen…all I gotta do is flip this leg up and … aah
Z—-oooh ouch I heard that.. u know the point of yoga is not to injure yourself but to reach enlightment.
D- Oh really… well how bout you enlighten me to the next clip.
z- well… this next item is all about the power of yoga and how it has played a role in changing peoples lives. Who knows Dan maybe even you can get to Lotus one day.?
Lets check it out..

Coming out of Yoga Clip-
Zoja on blue block floating … in lotus pose—meditating.
Dan behind the curtain

D- Zoooojjjaaaa- zooooojjjjjaaaaa
Z- Dan is that you????…
D- yessss… and nooooo….I’m a ghost
Z- where are you? I cant see you?
D- well.. dugh… that’s the whole point of being a ghost.
Z- so..anyway … our FYI reporter Jennifer Foden and her ghost hunting team went to a haunted lodge to see if they can hunt down some ghosts. Lets check it out- and maybe dan will magically appear when we get back…
D- Or maybe not!! ( dan still rambling…and complaining)
Z- just roll the clip..

Coming out of Yoga Clip :
D- Hey Zoja, do you ever feel like theres someone watching a higher power controlling everything…
Z- Ofcoarse- our producers are in the back…
D- that too.. but I mean like an all knowing omnipotent being…
Z- I’m not sure about that- but maybe we can get some insight from our next item… this next clip is all about a Baptist turned Atheist.
D- Lets take a look


Z- coming up were going to hear a heart warming story about a young boy with some life challenges, but that hasn’t deterred his spirit.
D- He’s a real inspiration

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