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Paper Edit: “The Former Fundie” The Story of a Baptist Minister Turned Atheist.
By: Shereena, Kyle, and Graeme

VO: Graeme 01:01:06 – 01:01:18
This is Scott Campbell. Here we see Scott giving a lecture about his life Journey and current spiritual beliefs. Scott is a self-proclaimed atheist, but it hasn’t always been this way.
(Vis of Scott doing a lecture)

CLIP: Scott 01:03:41 – 01:03:45
I preached my first sermon at the age of 16.

CLIP: Pam 01:04:37 – 01:04:54
They had a youth group every Friday Night. And a girl in my grade 8 class invited me to that youth group, she was a member. And that’s how I met him. He was the president of the youth group and I was introduced to him.

VO: Graeme 01:04:55 – 01:05:04
Scott expressed that not only did his life revolve around the faith but since Pam was by his side, she was also heavily involved with the church.

VO: Graem 01:06:20 – 01:06:26
Soon after Pam and Scott Graduated, they moved to Toronto to start a new life as a dedicated Christian couple.
VO: Graeme 01:08:24 – 01:08:37
Scott was offered a full time Minister position at the Church. But it was during this time that Scott’s life became very complicated. And the events that followed would drastically change his beliefs and mentality towards the Christian faith.

CLIP: Scott 01:08:41 – 01:09:00
This is where things start to get very, very bizarre. And I look back now and I think it amazes me to think that I actually believed this stuff was real and I’m just baffled by it. When you are in the midst of it, it just seems so obvious and so real.

CLIP: Scott 01:09:00 – 01:09:22
I guess it was around 1900; I was having a lot of trouble emotionally and psychologically. I was angry a lot of the time, my marriage with Pam was not going well. We were angry at each other a lot of the time and a lot of fights and stuff like that and arguments.
(B-ROLL: PICTURE OF SCOTT’S FAMILY 01:09:13 – 01:09:22)

CLIP: Scott 01:10:03 – 01:10:14
By 93 I was severely, severely, depressed, to the point where a couple of times I thought about ending my life.
CLIP: Scott 01:10:21 – 01:10:21
The one time it was in Scarborough, I was going down Gildwood Parkway. Not Gildwood Parkway, Gallaway Road. And it comes to a dead end at Gildwood Parkway. And I was coming down and quite unconsciously I just floored it, and I was going faster, and faster, and faster. And I was prepared to go just straight through and whatever that was going to happen was going to happen. And then it was the thought of my kids that come in and I realized I can’t do that to them. I hit the brakes and sort of came to a screeching halt at the stop sign.
(B-ROLL: PICTURE OF SCOTT’S KIDS 01:10:43 – 01:10:48)

CLIP: Scott 01:11:18 – 01:11:42
Now, what was really clear to me at the time was that the bible really seemed to clearly promise that if you were filled with God’s holy spirit, that you should be experiencing joy, and peace, and his love; and you ought to feel his love deep inside you. I felt none of that.

CLIP: Scott 01:11:42 – 01:11:53
And I remember one day at Haron Park, I was walking through the sanctuary and I had the sanctuary and I had the thought for the first time, “What if this stuff isn’t true.”

CLIP: Scott 01:12:28 – 01:12:42
One of my main struggles was what can I actually preach this Sunday that I still really believe. And I realized at one point I cannot keep doing this with integrity. I have significant enough doubts. I need to step down as Pastor.

VO: Graeme 01:12:45 – 01:12:59
After Scott’s resignation from the church, he had more time to think about what he believed and how devoted to God he would continue to be. However, all this time to reflect only filled Scott with despite towards both God and the Christian faith.

CLIP: Scott 01:13:45 – 01:13:53
It wasn’t so much than feeling betrayed by God, as it was feeling betrayed by the church. The Christian church.

VO: Graeme 01:17:45 – 01:17:54
Scott expressed his current beliefs and he also talked about how much happier that he is free from the quote on quote shackles of fundamentalist Christianity.
VO: Graeme 01:18:00
He truly has found a new lease on life.

CLIP: Pam 01:17:25 – 01:17:45
Well, it’s a total turn around that I’ve seen because the very things that he use to lecture on the authenticity of the bible, is God real, these aspects he’s totally turned around now.

CLIP: Scott 01:18:04 – 01:18:16
There is no eternal reward; there is no external punishment. This one life is what you have. And actually what that has done for me is that it has made this life even more precious.
CLIP: Scott 01:18:46 – 01:19:14
Life has become am adventure in that sense, and everyday is an opportunity to live out that adventure and to take the next step in that adventure not knowing where it’s going to go. There’s no prescribing path. There’s no ending that I must arrive at either because God’s going to make sure of that or because that’s what I’m suppose to end up. Now the whole thing is just unknown and I’m creating it day-by-day and step-by-step. And to me, that’s and exciting way to live.

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