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Clip #1 Johanna Luna - Mature Student
Education is the passport to success and without it you can’ t really do much, right?
IN/OUT: 00:09:14:25 - 00:09:20
V/O: Johanna Luna is a mature student who decided to come to Sheridan, after going to Seneca for Government work. She explains to us why she decided to have a change of career.
BROLL Tape 1 00:00: 20: 18 -00: 00: 28: 27of Johanna Luna preparing homework, typing on her computer and faxing sheets.
3: 20 12- 3: 47: 19 Clip 2: Johanna Luna:
The money was crazy. For a 22 year old I was making good money. Around July/ August, I realized that this isn’t what I want to do for the rest of my life. I pondered, and asked myself, what it was I really wanted to do. And I’ve always been interested in Journalism Broadcast. This is why I am here.
So, Move over teenagers, mature students are taking over the classroom. A mature student is an individual who is at least 19 years of age, who is starting college after being out of school for at least a year. And they are increasing.
Tape 3: Broll: Students walking around.00:00:53-00:00: 58
Tape 3: Broll Wide shots of students: 00:01:09- 00:01:14
Tape 3: Broll: Wide shot of students walking: 00:02:00-00:02:03

Since 2006, mature students have grown more than ever. Although Johanna Luna went back to school because of her passion, other students are applying to school because of the economy. According to the Association and Universities and Colleges of Canada, out of 700 000 students that applied in 2007 16,000 are mature students.
Tape 3 Broll Student photocopying: :00: 02:06-02:15:02
Tape 3: Broll of student on computer: 00: 02:23: - 00:02:35
00:03: 05- 00:03: 13: Clip #3: Expert -Karen Marlett - Recruitment Officer:
Tape 2: 00:03: 05- 00:03: 13: Mature students have increased in the last couple of years especially because of the employment situation.
Clip #3 - Drew Read - Mature Student
Tape 2: 00:01: 18- 00:01; 44: The First College I went to was Humber. I went for marketing. All the jobs were jobs that a required diploma, which is good but nothing in business, the economy was really bad. So I actually decided to go back to school, the second I went was Tyndale. In Tyndale you study to be a minister.
The Canadian Government is also helping our Mature Students. In 2008, they donated one million dollars to help them students’ retrain in another field. We spoke to Karen Marlett, and she explains this further.

CLIP #4- Karen Marlett - Recruitment Officer
Tape 2: OO: 02: 38- 00:03;03: Second Career is Ontario govt funding that’s been given, since basically around the time of the recession. There is a large variety of programs here at Sheridan and if applicants qualify through the Sheridan Centre and Admissions, they have an opportunity to take a program that last up to 2 years where they’re getting some funding for tuition and books and some other expenses.

V/O: Drew and Johanna are in high hopes about their future
Broll : Picture Stills of Drew
Broll: 00: 06:11-00:06:14: Johanna talking with audio turned down:

Clip 5: Drew Read: When I get out of here hopefully there will be something and you know two diplomas can’t hurt. 00:01:50-00:01:59

Clip 6: Johanna Luna: For me it’s all about getting my education down and getting cultured. This is why I am going to Griffith. Griffith caters to Sheridan students. 00:09:54 -00: 10:05

Extro: Whether a mature student or not — one things for certain every student like Johanna and Drew wants to do well. For FYI, this is Jennifer Foden

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