Show3_Paper Edit_Tai's Journey

00:00 Sound up: Light acoustic guitar music, playing all throughout.
Intro: V/O: Chris and I dreamed of the perfect pregnancy, the perfect birth, and perfect child. We didn’t get the perfect pregnancy or birth, but we did get the most marvelous miracle baby, who will always be perfect to us.
Viz: Lisa holding a young Tai getting his haircut, scan of Lisa’s journal, dissolve in and out of a still frame image of Tai as a baby

00:15: V/O: The reaction of a couple finding out that they are expecting their first born child is priceless.
Viz: quick cuts between still frames of Lisa’s pregnancy scrapbook, showing various pictures of Lisa during pregnancy and newborn Tai.

00:21 Clip Lisa: The pregnancy was going along very well and I received a phone call from my doctor’s office while I was at work. Chris was out of town on business and I got the phone call saying you need to come in right away, there’s a problem with your blood work.
(two shot of Lisa and Chris, Tai’s parents)

00:32: Cover viz - image of a newborn Tai in incubator with various tubes.
Clip Lisa: And once Tai was finally born – it was kind of exciting because now we could finally move forwards but it was also really hard because we knew that he was going to have to have surgery as soon as he was born.

00:43 Clip Tara: So I kinda walked in and there were lots of people around Lisa, and then Tai had already been taken over to Sick Kids Hospital. So it was a bit stressful.

00:52 Clip Lisa: We had no diagnosis until he was 18-months old. So he was born with a separate issue that was resolved and then he wasn’t moving like other babies, he didn’t sit up, roll over, he didn’t follow that chart that doctors hold so sacred.
00:59 – Cover viz of Tai as a baby trying to roll over as Lisa says “he wasn’t moving like other babies.”

01:06 Clip Lisa: and nobody could figure it out – until he was 18-months old when they did find out he had a spinal cord injury.

01:13: Cover viz of a young Tai in swimming lessons
Clip Lisa & Chris: We both especially Chris have the attitude that what ever we want to do, we’ll do it and make it happen. So whatever sport he wants to try we’ll be willing to try it.

01:18 Sound up: Tai in classroom speaking in front of his class, chatter amongst the children can be heard.

01:23 Clip Lisa: “He has a lot of able bodied friends, and they always play, they do the same things together it doesn’t seem to limit them, and I think it’s important for people to see that, because there’s a perception out there: ‘you have a disability, you can’t do anything.’”

01:36: Cover viz of Tai sitting amongst fellow student in his classroom
Clip Lisa: “We had to make a decision about where Tai was going to go to school and the Bloorview option came up to us.”

01:43 Clip Lori (Tai’s teacher): “We have children who are physically disabled or who have physical challenges, and integrated are children you, you know, don’t have those challenges.”

01:56 Cover viz of Tai wearing a silly hat, playing with classmates, zoom out shot of Tai sitting at a tbale with classmates doing crafts.
Clip Lori: “From the very first day he was friendly and engaging and immediately wanted to be included in everything.”

02:07 Clip Micahel (Tai’s best friend): “He’s really nice to me and we’re really good friends. (Cover viz, slow zoom on still frame of photo of Tai and Michael standing together smiling) “We actually solve mysteries together sometimes…that’s what we play sometimes, and we look for interesting clues…it’s fun.”

02:28 Sound up: Short clip of Tai talking about friends

02:34 Clip Chris: “I think Tai would be a good advocate for children with disabilities because we’ve tried to instill in him a ‘never say die’ attitude.’”

02:48: V/O: “Tai and his charisma even attracted a mjor network to do a story about him. Global’s Susan Hay picked Tai’s story to feature for her segment called ‘Making a Difference.’”
Viz: short clips from “Making a Difference” segment, introductory clip plus Susan and Tai playing by the water at 02:48

02:58 Sound up: “Making a Difference segment – “I’m Susan Hay, on tonight’s ‘Making a Difference’ I’m going to introduce you to this adorable little 5-year-old that actually knows more about the zoo than the people that work here. I’ll have his story coming up.”

03:03 Sound up: Clips of Tai’s personal Zoomobile video – “Hi, my name is Tai.” (stillframe of zoomobile with Tai’s V/O) “This is the Zoomobile up front, and it’s just about to leave right now.”

03:14 Clip Susan Hay: “We had done a story at the zoo, and typically he probably wouldn’t have fit the criteria, but I just thought, this little boy is making a difference, he’s making a difference in the lives of the people that meet him.”
Cover viz – Tai and Susan by the water at the zoo, Tai takes Susan’s hand and puts it in the water.

03:27 Clip Zoomobile worker: “…Like you wouldn’t believe. His joy and exuberance is spread all throughout the Zoomobile team, my worst days are turned around by him.”
Cover viz from “Making a Difference” segment, Zoomobile holding Tai, riding through the zoo.

03:35 Sound up: Music swells, clip of Tai wearing his hat wheeling out of the classroom, clip switches to slow motion.

03:45 Clips Susan Hay: “It’s not about his challenges it’s just about life, what he can do. We all have challenges in some form, but it’s what we do with ourselves. The most perfect person, if you can call them perfect, make sometimes not a mark in life, and this little boy has already made his mark on life at five years of age so, he can do anything.”

04:06: Cover viz of a quick zoom into a sign hanging in the hallways of Bloorview Kids Rehab depicting a cartoon boy in a wheelchair and the words “it’s okay to have wheels,” as BG music winds down and fades out.

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