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This reading week has been a long one, Shannon and myself have been working together non-stop this week, we need a break from each other! haha. We accomplished a lot for the FYI show this week and we just need everyone to keep looking at this WIKI site and as well the facebook group for any new info. Here's the REVISED OPENING SHOOT DETAILS. PLS NOTE PRODUCTION MEETING'S BEEN CHANGED TO 11AM NOV 3RD AND WE WILL BE MEETING AT S305 so Shannon and I can show you guys what we purchased and see if everyone's on board.

Music playing (Rich record it for a little bit longer without the intro) source: paced music

• Opening shot Graeme receiving package from Phil dressed as a delivery man. The package being received will have the logo FYI on it..qucik pause on the logo, Kyle meets Graeme at hallway after receiving package and passes it to Kyle.
Source: (HD Cam/ light for intro – Jennifer will look after this)

• Camera follows Kyle walking with package and passes Rich sitting on the director's chair, Lisa and Cece sitting beside him – camera stops at rich’s chair that says FYI..quick pause on the logo.

• Rich gets up and camera follows him to the audio booth with Jimena standing beside Joe on the audio chair.Wideshot of Joe and Jimean in the audio booth then zoom into audio board with "FYI" logo on it

• Joe gets up and walks over to Make-up room and signals to Krista pointing to watch that "it's showtime"

• Krista is getting make up done by Shannon. Shannon picks up mirror and on the back of the mirror is FYI. (Camera sees the FYI on the larger mirror)

• Krista gets up and goes down the studio and camera shoots her feet walking downstairs. While Krista going downstairs, Nareeman going up the stairs and meets Krista and says hello, being a gentleman, gives her the right of way to go down.

• Krista passes Lara as the floor director….

• Lara is floor directing and you see FYI on Lara’s clipboard

• Lara is counting down then points to Jennifer on camera –

• Wide shot of Jennifer and the camera and Natashlee on camera – then camera focus on Jennifer moves the camera and do a quick pan to Daniel with a remote, Daniel points the remote to the plasma

• Plasma – hold shot with the FYI logo graphic then does a "big explosion" that will go into a SOT of the show teaser.
(Logo and animation of explosion will be put on the plasma or superimpose it in Final Cut)

After opening sot – go right into show teaser
Then open on hosts – Krista opens the show, introduces herself just to find Graemem on blackberry and telling him that the show is starting…then hooks into the first segment about "Nowsim" and technology.

Colours: red, blue, black
Intro length: approx 20 seconds

Shooting Script: Tuesday Nov 3 (12- 2pm)

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