Top Talk Show Green

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Proposed Tape Date:
March 19, 2010

Segment Name:
Artistic Education

Guest Name:
Daniel “DM Cool” Mante

Rap Artists

Focus of Segment:
The importance of expressing your artistic side in a school setting.

Suggested Host Intro:
There are a lot of students who are studying many different subjects, and many of them have amazing talents. Whether it be music, poetry, music Sheridan has it’s share of talented students. What we want to know how important it is for a post secondary school like Sheridan to give its students an outlet to express themselves using the Arts.

Production elements/Tape elements:
- Bio pack before interview

Suggested Questions:
Interview with Daniel Mante

1. How long have you been doing music?

2. When did you start performing?

3. How important are live performances to an artist?

4. When did you start performing at Sheridan?

5. How many times have you performed at Sheridan?

6. How has Sheridan helped you in terms of your career?

7. If they do help, what kinds of things have they done?
8. How many people come to the open mic nights and performances?

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